How I can help

I think it’s best to focus on the stuff you can really help people with and that you get a buzz out of.

For me that’s around brand and communications strategy, new brand innovation and helping clients and agencies get to better creative work.

To do that I take an immersive – give me everything – but fast paced approach.

I also talk a lot to people. Workshopping frequently helps – because sometimes it takes an outsider to get people in a room and really work through the issues and agree on a way forward. As a mercenary I have less to lose.

If we were to get to specifics – and you’d probably like me to – you’ll find a list below.

"Working with Charles is like having an exceptionally talented guide, his vast experience and knowledge bring a calmness that is reassuring. We worked together at a hectic pace, and delivered impactful work. Charles has an innate ability to simplify the complex, to focus on what really matters and to keep everyone grounded through a creative process that involved many varied stakeholders outside of marketing".

RAJ KUMAR. Group Brand and reputation director AVIVA


Agency Brief Development

Helping clients get to better briefs for their agencies and then on to better work.


Brand Creation

From the ground up how do we quickly create and codify the key elements of your new brand ? Getting partners on track and everything moving forward.


Brand Architecture

Things can get complex over time. And complexity doesn’t help consumers. How do we simplify?


Brand Re-Launch

Re-vitalizing the good but sometimes jaded with fresh thinking.


Brand Innovation

Where are the gaps in the market? The opportunities to do something new and powerful – and how do we get there?


Exploding The Big Idea

You have one ( always a good start ) but how do you drive it through the organisation and across multiple media ?


Creative Alignment

No one seems to agree on what good is ( let alone great ). This causes problems. Let’s solve it.



Developing brand work and thinking for Asia. I spent a lot of time there. The world is not ‘the west’. How do you create work that works there – and ensure it fits with the global whole?



From client side helping develop the agency brief. From the agency side cracking it (obviously not on the same project…).



On practically any aspect of brand management. Often it takes an outsider to get people in a room and really work through the issues and agree a way forward.

"Charles has a super sharp insightful mind, especially in relation to working towards inspiring creative. He is able to grasp the creative idea within an execution and push it to its full potential. That, coupled with his Asian expertise, is extremely valuable when ensuring creative platforms perform at their very best on a global stage".