The benefits of experience

As the grey hair suggests I have been doing this a for while. I’ve worked in brand and communications strategy my entire career combining this in the latter half with creative agency management. From finance through drinks to travel, auto, cosmetics and innumerable other categories I’ve covered some ground. And having lived in London, Hong Kong, Sydney and Singapore in markets around the world.

In over 30 years I’ve been involved in a lot of projects and written a fair amount about the business.

Below are 2 ‘help-pieces’ that have proved especially popular. One on ‘what every strategist should know’, the other on dealing with work related stress in the advertising business. Feel free to download them.

And below them five of my favourite campaigns that I have been involved in.

James Squire – Principals, Sydney. Working with the brewer Chuck Hahn we created the James Squire beer brand from scratch. Based on the true story of Australia’s first proper brewer James Squire is now one of Australia’s most successful premium beer brands.

Levi’s – BBH Singapore, BBH Tokyo. Over 10 years working on the brand and multiple campaigns. I’m not sure that strategy’s contribution went much beyond agreeing on the product point to use for each campaign and helping get it through the clients, but sometimes (oftentimes) simplicity is king. And it worked.

Johnnie Walker – BBH China, BBH Singapore. Landing and building Keep Walking in Asia was a major pre-occupation of mine for many years. 

NTUC Income – BBH Singapore. Singapore’s only insurance mutual which we framed and built as it being ‘Made Different’. Great company, often great work.

UOB BANK – BBH Singapore. Any bank that is honest enough to have ‘conservative’ amongst its core values gets my vote. I think we did work that was wonderfully true to the organization and the nature of its clients.